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What is XLR8® Bio?

XLR8® Bio is a liquid concentrate formulated from food waste, combined with water to ferment, creating a microbial solution rich in macronutrients and bacteria. All the good things required by our soils to rebuild health and make them less dependent on inputs.

XLR8®Bio Safety Sheet

No, think of it more as a probiotic designed to rebuild healthy soil through the multiplying of microbes and bacteria. Fertiliser is designed to feed the plants, XLR8® Bio is designed to feed the soil which in turn, feeds the entire ecosystem underneath the plants. A bit like a fuel tank for growing success.

XLR8® Bio is not harmful to humans or animals however it is a concentrated water based liquid of good bacteria (for plants) of which could make people and pets unwell if consumed. If any liquid is ingested in any way, please call the poisons hotline.

Our batches undergo random lab testing in Accredited Australian Laboratories to test for all the good things like nitrogen, calcium, potassium etc – but also the samples are tested for harmful bacteria such as e-coli & salmonella. The product only goes to market with the tick of approval from the lab!

12 months to 3 years depending on climate and storage. All products should be kept in a well ventilated space as it will continue to ferment within the storage container. Keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cooler space during summer in the tropics.

This is a liquid containing live cultures in which are constantly evolving to its environment. The smell should be similar to baby-vomit but may become more intense if the liquid & microbes are agitated through shaking. This product should not be shaken.

The recommended application is 1:10 with water to be misted onto soils. However should an odour linger, simply water in with additional water. The odour should dissipate after just a few minutes.

No, the concentrate is made purely from food waste, water, cane syrup and yeast.

Everything! From egg shells to dairy, coffee grounds to vegetable scraps, fish & meat scraps, left overs etc. If it’s food waste, it goes in!

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