Soil Carbon

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Future-proofing land through soil carbon, and why it matters

As climate change intensifies, and extreme weather events disrupt traditional farming practices, the need for resilient agricultural solutions becomes paramount. The devastating impact of floods and droughts on Australian farms highlights the urgency to adapt to these evolving challenges. In conversations with colleagues and clients, the pressing importance of building soil carbon emerges as a crucial strategy for enhancing on-farm resilience.

Green Food Australia stands as a key ally in this endeavour. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture aligns with the imperative to address climate-induced vulnerabilities in farming. Healthy, carbon-rich soils, play a pivotal role in fortifying farms against weather shocks.

Soil carbon, a cornerstone of soil health, provides essential nutrients, enhances structure, and boosts water-holding capacity. It is a linchpin for creating robust farms capable of withstanding floods, droughts, and other adverse weather conditions. Collaborating with Green Food Australia means leveraging expertise in sustainable farming practices, ensuring that soil is not just a medium for crops but a resilient foundation for agricultural success.

Approximately 50% of soil organic matter (SOM), a key focus of Green Food Australia’s initiatives, consists of carbon. This organic matter is crucial for soil structure, water retention, and erosion resistance. Increased carbon levels, empower soils to efficiently absorb and store water, fostering healthy soil structure and enhanced porosity.

Soils lacking in organic matter, exhibit slower water infiltration and quicker saturation, leading to increased runoff and exacerbating the impacts of floods. Green Food Australia’s commitment to sustainable practices, such as reduced or no-till farming and maintaining year-round plant cover, aligns with the goal of rebuilding soil organic matter.

Take back control of your farm through building soil carbon

Building soil carbon, is vital in the face of volatile and unpredictable agricultural production conditions. The implementation of sustainable practices not only addresses climate challenges but also brings financial and environmental benefits. Improved aggregation and infiltration rates, as witnessed by our clients, showcase the tangible advantages of building soil carbon.

A collaboration with Green Food Australia is a strategic move toward sustainable and resilient agriculture. Together, we can navigate the challenges of climate change, build soil carbon, and ensure a prosperous and secure future for Australian farms.

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