One of the key factors to introducing these biological products as a complete on-farm system, is to significantly reduce the volume of inputs required over time. Saving the grower money while building their productivity and soil health.

Jess Uhlig ~ Founder

XLR8®Bio Liquid Bio-Fertiliser

XLR8®Bio is an organic liquid concentrate containing the full suite of microbiology required to enhance soil health and plant productivity, naturally. Once applied, the bio works to reproduce the native biology endemic to your soil at an accelerated rate. The core function of XLR8®Bio is then to unlock nutrients into plant available form, releasing all the existing NPK bound up, while delivering the fundamental trace elements and micronutrients needed for full soil plant functionality.

XLR8®Bio works best with the use of HumiSoil®, a top-soil builder. With combined use the two systems will:

  • increase quality and volume of produce
  • significantly improve soil health and bio-diversity
  • improve soil structure
  • reduce irrigation costs
  • reduce fertiliser costs by more than 50% within 3 years
  • heavily reduce dependence on pesticides / herbicides
  • improve carbon sequestration

Pioneered by the technologies of VRM Biologik®, XLR8®Bio works best when combined with the use of HumiSoil®, a top-soil enhancer. With combined on going use, these two products can replace traditional farming inputs, significantly reduce annual costs of application, improve carbon sequestration and soil health, reduce pesticide & herbicide applications, increase yield and improved nutrient density in crops.

Both XLR8®Bio and HumiSoil® are created using recycled nutrients including food & vegetative waste and manures. By recycling these existing nutrients, we are closing the loop on the circular economy and saving growers money on expensive inputs. Utilising waste from their own land where possible.

Xlr8 Bio 1

XLR8®Bio – Soil Probiotic & Liquid Fertiliser

  • Fixes nitrogen in soil from atmosphere
  • Increases organic carbon through enhanced sequestration
  • Builds soil structure
  • Mobilises phosphorus and other locked nutrients
  • Manufactures H20 within soil
  • Increases yield and nutrient density in produce

Application – per year

XLR8®Bio can be applied direct to soil in spray, foliar or fertigated at a diluted rate of 1:10.

Rates* for application are:

  • 75lts / ha first application
  • 37.5lts / ha subsequent crop cycles

*rates may vary depending on soil quality and combined use of HumiSoil®.


XLR8®Bio is a liquid concentrate to be diluted with water 1:10.

2.5 litres = $24 

10 litres = $80 

20 litres = $145 

1000 litres = $5,500

Success story – Sturrock Farm, QLD

Using XLR8®Bio and creating HumiSoil® for more than 10 years. Seeing native grasses return he hasn’t seen for over 40 years. Surviving the worst drought in Queensland history …