XLR8ⓇBio Soil Enhancer

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Liquid soil enhancement


XLR8®Bio is a probiotic formulation combining the key technologies pioneered by VRM Biologik® for soil enhancement and nutrient management. With continued use, the ongoing stimulation of biological reactions in soil contributed to building of humus and mychorrizal activity in the critical root zone.

How does it work?

XLR8®Bio works by releasing nutrients locked in soil and accelerating nutrient uptake and utilisation by crops. This inoculant contains beneficial microbes and sugars which when applied to the soil, encourage all the existing microbes on the property to the party. They then multiply rapidly due to the XLR8®Bio and begin to move towards plants in which they trade (the plants are then producing sugars and exude them into the soil by the roots to feed the microbes in return for water and nutrients). These exudates are essentially carbon, taking the Co2 from the air and pumping it into the soil to continue the trade process. This process essentially stimulates microbial activity, in which mychorrizal fungi are also present. The fungi attach themselves to the plant roots and create massive networks of hyphae (roots).

Above all, with continued use of XLR8®Bio, we’re helping nature rebuild the natural biology in soil so plants, bacteria and microbes can live symbiotically, the way nature intended.

  • Improve soil structure
  • Use less fertiliser
  • Unlock soil nutrients
  • Use less water
  • Mobilise phosphorus


  • Fermented fruit & veg
  • Organic material
  • Coffee granules
  • Seafood scraps
  • Egg shells
  • Purified water
  • Cane syrup
  • Yeast


Spray 1:10 diluted with water directly onto soil with mister

Watering – 2 caps (30ml) into 9lt watering can to cover 3m2 garden

Apply every 1 – 2 weeks depending on soil condition & plant type

*If smell persists, simply add more water

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Top soil enhancement


HumiSoil® is a humus-rich soil enhancer of which aids the development of humus in soil. The pre-fostering of humus allows growers to speed up the natural process of humus formation in soil. As a fully matured top-soil enhancer made from 100% organic input, this product not only contains high levels of humic materials, but a range of beneficial microbial activity. With continued use, this product assists in the maintenance of healthy soil biology. HumiSoil® is best used in tandem with Green Food’s XLR8® Bio.

What does HumiSoil®  do?

  • High levels of humic materials = carbon fixation and natural humus formation
  • Nitrogen fixation from air = reduced reliance on nutrient application
  • Mobilisation of phosphorus = higher, sustained available P
  • Promotes beneficial fungi = antibiotic, soil formation and nutrient transfer functions
  • Hydrosynthesis = manufacture of water via bacterial photosynthesis
  • Unlock soil nutrients
  • Use less water
  • Mobilise phosphorus

Soil benefits of HumiSoil®

A microbial incubator –  HumiSoil® acts as casseting media which allows the establishment of important soil cultures in otherwise difficult circumstances. These organisms are responsible for fixing carbon and feeding energy, nutrients and water into the soil profile.

Promoting beneficial fungi – HumiSoil® assists in the development of a range of beneficial fungi species which provide and antibiotic support to plants as well as performing important functions in the formation of soil particles and in the development of nutrient transfer cultures around the roots of plants.

A water reservoir – HumiSoil® contains bacteria which manufacture water.

Additionally, HumiSoil® fosters humus development in soil which in turn helps to absorb and store moisture.

HumiSoil® supports the development of naturally healthy soil. Healthy soil microbes have been linked with reduced

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