One of the key factors to introducing these biological products as a complete on-farm system, is to significantly reduce the volume of inputs required over time. Saving the grower money while building their productivity and soil health.

Jess Uhlig ~ Founder

HumiSoil® Top Soil Enhancer

HumiSoil® is a top soil enhancer that is not only rich in microbial diversity, nutrient dense with the capability to manufacture water – it is also created using existing on-farm waste. Reducing costs and recycling nutrients.

The groundswell process in which HumiSoil® is created results in a form of top-soil in which the preformation of humus has already begun. This level of decomposition and development of particular microbiology actinomycetes and mycelia are essential to the functions in which the HumiSoil® then plays in the development of soil restoration, nutrient transfer and hydrosynthesis (manufacture of water).

HumiSoil® can be applied to any growing medium with either a direct soil cover application or lightly disced through a fallow crop. Combined with XLR8®Bio, HumiSoil® can be established as a complete on-farm input solution to traditional fertilisers.

One of the key elements to creating HumiSoil is the ease of production. Quite simply it’s one day to plan, a day to execute and 6 months to ferment. No turning, no fires. The internal temperature rests between 55 – 60 degrees producing an end product that meets the Australian Standards for commercial composting.

groundswell micro (small)

Why Groundswell® over compost?


  • Manufactures water through hydrosynthesis
  • Captures and retains water & carbon otherwise lost in composting
  • Recycles existing nutrients on-farm through organic waste
  • Mobilises phosphorus and other locked nutrients
  • Increases yield and nutrient density in produce


HumiSoil® can be applied direct to soil or lightly disced through. Rate of application varies depending on soil quality. Ask our team about your application requirements.

Average rate for application:

  • 4 tonne / ha year one
  • 2.5 tonne / ha subsequent years


HumiSoil® is manufactured through the Groundswell® process with prices for manufacture varying due to accessibility for farm equipment ie front end loader / tractor etc. Price to manufacture start from $40 per tonne for a 60 tonne pile.

To purchase, prices start from $190 per tonne plus delivery.

Cape Trib Farm

Cape Trib Farm produce high quality exotic tropical fruits in the stunning Daintree Rainforest at Cape Tribulation. This family owned and operated farm see the value in using natural organic inputs instead of synthetics, adopting our Intensive Soil Health Program whilst building their own groundswell pile to be able to distribute HumiSoil® across their property in early 2023.

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