HumiSoil® 20kgs

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HumiSoil® is a humus-rich soil enhancer of which aids the development of humus in soil. The pre-fostering of humus allows growers to speed up the natural process of humus formation in soil. As a fully matured top-soil enhancer made from 100% organic input, this product not only contains high levels of humic materials, but a range of beneficial microbial activity. With continued use, this product assists in the maintenance of healthy soil biology. HumiSoil® is best used in tandem with Green Food’s XLR8® Bio.

Key Notes:

  • This product has not been screened and contains large particles right down to small, soil / mud like consistency. It is for this reason that this particular HumiSoil® batch only be applied to new and existing garden beds & pots – not suitable for lawns.
  • Application rate: Approximately 1kg to 1m2 – apply yearly or as frequently as desired.
  • This product meets the AS4454 Commercial Compost and is safe to use across any growing plot.
  • Do not plant seeds directly into HumiSoil®. For seed raising, mix HumiSoil® with sand or other soil and wait 2 week prior to planting seeds. Seedlings are safe to plant directly into.
  • HumiSoil® is created through the Groundswell® process, recycling organic materials such as vegetative & food waste, coffee, fish emulsion & manures.
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