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If there’s one thing better that making your garden and home the best it can be, it’s knowing that you’ve created it safely for you and your family. With a direct correlation between soil health, gut health and mental health – it’s so important to use products on your lawn and in your garden that will be safe for the whole family.

Green Food Australia offers natural solutions to growing your fruit & veg, lushing up your lawns and making your home space as gorgeous and healthy as possible. From liquid bio-fertilisers to humus rich top soil, plus cleaning products for the home, your home and family can thrive.

Xlr8® Bio 1


A natural fertiliser and soil catalyst made from urban food waste, nourishes your soil to create the strongest environment for your plants to thrive. Diluted into a watering can, XLR8®Bio can be applied to any plants within your home garden, from indoor plants to natives, lawn care and roses, to veggies and herbs.



Rich in humus and carbon, this top-soil enhancer is the perfect addition to your home garden. Harnessing task specific microbes, HumiSoil® builds soil structure, increases soil moisture holding capacity and increases the plants ability to fight pests and disease. 

HumiSoil® is applied direct to soil through lightly mixing. 

Micro Clean Ultra

Mikro Clean® Ultra

Cleaning with microbes. Fermented with Lime Oil and an extra boost of natural enzymes, Mikro® Clean Ultra is tailored for heavy duty cleaning of soiled surfaces including rangehoods, ovens, sinks, garbage bins and floors. Ideal for kitchens, restaurants, food processing facilities and fast food outlets. 

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